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We started Apex Removals with a simple dream of making house removal and commercial relocation as effortless for you as possible. Several years down the line, we have successfully turned our dream into a living reality as we pride ourselves as the best removals company in the City of London.

Hard work, commitment and consistent learning have helped us reach a point where we excel in offering moving services you can rely on completely. Each of the thousands of moves we have facilitated have taught us how to perfect relocating to minimise stress and eliminate worries that come as you change your home or office location. 

But this is not all. We have polished a key skill – listening to our customers. We are very keen about listening to your needs right from the start so that nothing goes neglected. In fact, that’s where all the work starts for us. The moment you connect with us to explain your requirements, we get to planning your move down to a tee. 

When all is said and done, you get a friendly team of London movers making your move a memorable, carefree experience. 

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At Apex Removals, our goal is to win your trust. Focusing on transparency in our removals services and communication with you is, therefore, crucial for us. We keep things honest all through your moving journey with us starting with giving you a fixed quote upfront. 

You wouldn’t need to busy yourself with micromanaging us here and there. Our moving teams are led by supervisors who brief our experienced movers about your requirements. All movers are on-board the moving plan tailored to meet your expectations. 

We also keep you informed through the whole of your time with us so you know the due course of action the moving process takes at each step of the move.

Our moving company help you with the following:

House Removals

Moving to a new place is a challenge in itself. But it’s hard to meet this challenge without reliable, skilled movers in London easing relocation for you at every turn. Once our professional visits your house, learns what you need, and takes notes of how to move your possessions, we take it on ourselves to facilitate house removals in London the best way possible. Be it a small flat or a spacious house, we have the expertise to move it all. 

Office Removals 

Office removals can be tricky, especially, if they get in the way of your daily work. At Apex Removals, we aim to simplify the process for Londoners by planning the move, including the finest details first and then executing it. All this while, we keep you in the loop so you know what to expect and your business isn’t disturbed as well. We have helped several businesses relocate and we are confident your move will be equally perfect. 

Storage Services

Clearing out your belongings but not sure where to keep them? We have you covered with our safe storage solutions in London that offer ample space for safekeeping your possessions. Our facility is CCTV-monitored for extra security and offers lockers of various sizes. All units are climate-controlled so you get the perfect solution for storing your belongings be it for commercial purposes or residential.

International Removals 

You can rely on us even if you are planning to move from London to another country. Our removals service is not limited to helping you move within London and its surroundings, but we also assist you in overseas relocation. Our proficient movers have the know-how of packing and shipping your possessions for long distance moves so you needn’t worry about the safety of your belongings.

Meet our professional London Movers 

Movers at Apex Removals are among the best London moving companies. Everyone on our team is well-experienced at their job, be it a customer service representative or a mover on the road, we all have one mission – to make moving stress-free for you. 

We further this ambition by training one and all of our teammates in their roles so you get an unparalleled experience throughout the moving process from your first query call to the time when our movers deliver all your belongings to your new home. 

But training is never enough just as theory is no match to practical lessons. This is why all our team members have hands-on experience in the field. They understand the intricacies of packing and moving things and the care involved in transporting your belongings. 

In fact, this experience is what makes our movers set a successful track record in domestic removals and business relocations. This why we earn our customers’ trust who say kind things about us.

In addition to upskilling our movers in our training facility and getting them in the field, we boast a specific selection process that screens only competent, passionate individuals who have a dedicated attitude. As a result, our movers never shy away from the challenge in front of them, no matter how tough it might be. 

Besides, we interview and run background checks on all applicants so we only work with movers with a clean sheet. Then we train the selected individuals in mastering the relocation process covering London and beyond. At the end of the day, we have specialised teams of movers in London who assist in both local and international moves.

You will also be happy to know that our movers are:

Punctual so we don’t waste your precious time at all

Friendly and cooperative throughout the moving process

Ready to meet your needs from start till the end

Well-trained and well-experienced in their work

Professional in their conduct and polite by attitude

Our Moving Process Explained  

Not sure how working with us will look like? Let’s simplify the process in three steps:

Removal quote

Once you connect with us, one of our expert movers will pay you a visit to take stock of the moving situation and inspect which items need special care with packaging and transporting. Feel free to walk the mover through your requirements so he can map out a relocating strategy for your home or office. We’ll then send you a no-obligation, customised quote for moving with us within a few hours on business days.

Book your move with us

We are positive talking to our professionals will convince you to move with us. Our focus is on providing best value price and good customer experience from the start so you get excellent removal services that satisfy you from end to end. 

Moving day

We’ll arrive on the agreed date and time to get to work. The time it takes to wrap up your place depends on the work involved. In certain cases, it may only take only a day. Other cases, it could take days. Either case, we will share a rough estimate of how long the process will take so you know what to expect well in advance. 

Contact us for Safe & Reliable Removals Service in London

Call us today at 020 3746 2535 or fill in the contact form below to get a free quote, applicable for 30 days. Whether you need a man and a van or you need to move from London to a new city or country altogether, Apex Removals is happy to help without delay. 


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