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Our Customer Complaints Procedure

As a conscientious removal and storage company, Apex takes the concerns of our customers very seriously. If you have had any issues with our home or business moving service and would like to raise a complaint, we would like to make you aware of our Complaints Procedure.

We always aim to deliver the highest standards of service to our customers, and our Complaints Procedure is here to ensure your interests are safeguarded at all times. We will always strive to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible – just take the following steps to tell us your grievance:

Stage One – Removals Coordinator

In the first instance, your complaint should be directed towards the Removals Coordinator you have been dealing with via email. The Removals Coordinator will be receptive to your grievance and endeavour to resolve your own complaint within five working days of receiving it.

Stage Two – Customer Relations Manager

If you feel your complaint has not been resolved at the Removals Coordinator level, you may escalate it to the relevant Customer Relations Manager.

We request that you do so in writing, summarising the nature of your complaint and the reasons you feel it was not resolved.

Your Removals Coordinator will be able to provide you with the relevant contact details. Please do this within one month of receiving the response from the Removals Coordinator.

Customer Relations Manager will give you an acknowledgement of the complaint within three working days of receipt, and provide a written response within 15 working days.

Stage Three – Managing Director

If you still feel your concerns have not been addressed, or you are dissatisfied with the way we have handled your complaint thus far, you may write to our Managing Director.

Your stage three request should be sent to:

Managing Director,
Apex Removal Group Ltd
29 Surrey Avenue

They will acknowledge your complaint within five working days of receiving it and will perform a thorough investigation of any issues raised. There will be a review of your complaint and the way it has been handled, which may necessitate a further investigation into the background of the concerns you have raised.

The Managing Director will write to you with their findings within 15 working days of receiving your letter. This will be the ‘Final Viewpoint’ on the way your complaint can be resolved.

Again, we always aim to deliver the highest standards of service, and we hope that you will not have any cause to raise a complaint. In the event that you do, however, please follow the procedure outlined above and we will endeavour to resolve your complaint as swiftly as possible.