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House Removals

You might be moving two streets away, or to a new home overseas. Whatever your requirements, Apex Removals, with its international network from London, is capable of providing a hassle-free, highly efficient house removals service.

Years of experience as a house removals company has shown us that all customers have varying requirements in terms of the destination of their move, their requested time frame, and the items they wish to transport. You might be heading from a home in the suburbs to a new urban apartment, or from a rural cottage to an inner city basement flat – whatever your needs, Apex Removals has you covered.

Safe and secure

At Apex Removals, we recognize that storage space can be a big factor when it comes to considering your move. For this reason, we offer a substantial storage facility, which means that if you are in need of a space to use for the depositing of your items during interim periods as part of your moving process, we can help. Fear not, as we have a range of storage options which you can take advantage of, you can store your items with us until the time when you need them, without having to worry about cramming when arranging your new home.


We believe the ideal house moving company should be focused on giving you peace of mind, and for this reason, our insurance offering covers all your valuables during both the packing and moving process. When moving overseas, adequate insurance can take on even more importance, and Apex Removals is here to help with insurance solutions that safeguard the value of your belongings.

House Removals Process

The assurance of stress-free, professional house moving services at an affordable price. Plus, we’ve made the whole process as clear, simple and supportive as possible.

So how does it work in 4 steps?

1. Get a quote for it – FREE

Contact us for a free no-obligation quote, based on the inventory of your home contents you get a transparent price that you can rely on.

It will cost you nothing to seek out expert help in preparing a house removals quote. However, it could be the first step to finding responsive and professional house movers you can trust.

We will take the time to prepare a moving day plan to ensure everything goes smoothly. This includes making provisions for careful transportation of any particularly fragile, bulky or valuable items.

Nothing will be left to chance, all free house removals quotes include standard insurance. They also provide the confidence of on the day help from trained staff.

2. Pack it Up

Within our responsive house moving services is the option for us to pack away your belongings – large and small.

Using our professional handling skills is always a wise move. However, if we also wrap and pack items it provides an additional layer of confidence and control for your home removals.

From the smallest kitchen utensil to the largest family heirlooms, your items will be in the safest of hands. They will be packed carefully away in our specialist materials and containers, to arrive at their destination in a flawless condition.

3. Lay it Out

At your new location, the skilled and approachable team will carefully place your belongings according to your plan and preferences.

We work as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize disruption and complete your house move effortlessly. However, the team is always happy to respond to immediate issues, questions and requests for assistance.

We only leave when you’ve done a final room check to make sure you are 100% satisfied. We will even take away all packing materials and other rubbish for responsible recycling and disposal.

4. Store it

Unlike many other house moving companies, we can provide safe storage for all or some of your household belongings.

This is the perfect solution to help you to empty your property when there is a delay in moving to your new home.

Or perhaps you find yourself with too many things to fit into rooms during your house moving.

Our secure storage also provides a safe haven for valuable and fragile items while you oversee house moving services for the bulk of your belongings.

What’s the first step to organizing house Removals?

You can simply call 0330 8080 570 and speak to a member of our friendly team in order to obtain your free no obligation quote. Whether it is a home move or office relocation, local transportation or an overseas project, we have the manpower, the expertise, and the international network to make sure everything goes according to plan, even when factoring in challenging time restrictions.

We believe in an ‘open ears’ approach, and we are always ready to listen to the requirements of your project, down to the finest details. That way, when it comes to execution, we can deliver a solution which ticks all the boxes. With Apex Removals, you are in safe hands for your residential and commercial relocations.

The online quote option was quick and easy to use, and it was exactly what you charged me. Couldn’t be happier with the cost, and the guys who came to move all my stuff were very friendly and good at their job. I couldn’t have managed without you, and you saved me time and money. Thanks

Gordon Lee