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International Removals

Moving to a new life overseas, or perhaps you are coming ‘home’ to the UK. No need to worry about how all your ‘stuff’ will move with you – our dedicated team at Apex Removals & Storage Group offer a high standard international removals service from all over the UK to across the World.

When people move, whether it’s a local move or international removal, many use it as an opportunity to cleanse and detox their lives off the stuff that has accumulated over the years. Moving house, is for sure, a perfect opportunity to de-clutter and decide what is really important – however, no matter how much you get rid off, there will always be a ton of belongings that still need to be moved.

Let us help you moving abroad

Apex Removals & Storage Group can be on-hand to help you with your international removals. Moving is stressful at the best of times, but when you are moving to a different country, it adds a whole different dimension.

For house moves of this magnitude, you need a removal firm you can trust, and we can offer you that added reassurance.

We pride ourselves on that personal, friendly service. Our experienced team will ensure your belongings are well taken care of and transported to your destination with caution, yet, at a price which is hard to challenge.

International storage solutions

Perhaps you are only moving for a short time period. Maybe you only going to be away 12 months perhaps. Maybe you’ve decided it’s best to leave some of your belongings behind.

No problem! We also offer a storage service, which could be a short to a mid-term solution for you. Why not save yourself the hassle and try and manage without some things. They will be well taken care of by us.

You might be wondering how secure our storage facilities are. Don’t worry, our storage facilities are highly secure and maintained with CCTV cameras, security fences, round the clock security, smoke detectors and padlocks for every unit. You can rest assured your possessions are safe and secure with Apex.

Packing service for overseas moving

At Apex, we totally understand what it’s like – perhaps you’ve been seconded overseas last minute, or perhaps you’ve been called in to transfer after someone else pulled out of a position.

Whatever your circumstances we can help. Moving in a rush is no fun we know, when you rush, you tend to pack things in a hurry and they might not be in the best shape when you arrive at your destination.

That’s where our packing service can be super valuable. Why risk breakages when we can offer you our full packing service – a time and effort saver. Using this service will allow you to focus on other important aspects of the move, without worrying if your trophies from your school days or those plates you were given as a wedding gift will survive the international move.

Our packing service is a time and effort saver. Once you’ve moved, we take care of all the unpacking, meaning you can put your feet up or get going with other tasks around your new home.

Transit options

Your destination and how quickly you require your belongings will largely determine your methods of transit.

Give our experienced staff a call and they will tailor-make you a transit package to fully meet your international needs.

We can arrange for a metal container to be delivered to your home, where your belongings will be loaded. The container will then be sealed in your presence and then transported to the agreed port of departure, before being shipped to your destination.

If you opt for our full container this service can be fairly rapid. If, however, you decide to ship limited possessions, you will be required to share a container with others going to the same destination. Normally this service takes longer as there is a period of consolidation before departure.

If you are working on a tight budget, a shared container is a more cost-effective approach to moving your belongings overseas.

For those items you need in a hurry, you might want to consider our air freight service. Consider sending items you can’t manage without for long in this way. Your personal belongings will be cased to ensure security. This is generally a more expensive method than sea freight, but get in touch with one of our experienced advisors for prices.

Contact us today for more information about our international removal services

Regardless of your reasons for moving overseas and how long you intend to stay there – don’t panic about your belongings.

Our team at Apex will be on-hand every step of the way to take the stress and the sting out of the process for you. Leaving you to focus on the excitement of your new destination and everything your new life overseas might bring!

Get in touch today and let us explain what we can offer, so you can get things moving towards your overseas adventure.