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Environmental Policy

We feels it’s important we play our own part in helping protect the environment and save the planet for future generations.

We abide by a green policy when it comes to removals, and have taken steps to minimise the impact we make on the environment. Wherever possible, we use recycled packaging materials and see that as little as possible goes to waste, reducing the amount Apex Removals sends to landfill and making better use of the resources we have.

When it comes to our removal vans, we choose vehicles on a life cycle cost basis. This means we take into account repair costs, fuel efficiency and emissions, to see we’re driving the cleanest vehicles possible. We also ensure that our vehicles’ tyres are always inflated to the manufacturer’s guidelines, to improve their efficiency on the roads. 

Through better planning and a better use of packing space, we’ve dramatically cut the number of ‘empty journeys’ our fleet makes. We’ve also trained all our drivers in fuel efficient driving techniques, which means we use less petrol on every trip we make.

Back at base, we operate recycling schemes to minimise the amount of paper we use and seeing we put as much waste material as possible back into good use. When our computers come to the end of their working lives, we use computer recycling schemes so that any working parts can be salvaged and reused elsewhere. We also encourage our customers to use green furniture recycling schemes, to give any unwanted furniture a second life.

What’s more, we’re very selective when it comes to the organisations we choose to partner with. We will only ever work with suppliers whose environmental policies are in line with our own, to see both sides are upholding the green principles which underpin Apex Removals.

By taking proactive steps to cut the emissions from our vehicles and reuse materials wherever possible, we believe we are making a meaningful and lasting positive impact on the planet. We recognise the environmental harm the transport industry has made in the past and we’re seeking to change it for the better, by constantly looking for innovative new ways to update our green policy.