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Modern Slavery Statement

Apex Removals & Storage Group issues this statement in relation to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, section 54(1), compliance of which is intended to combat instances of modern slavery. Through this policy, ‘modern slavery’ will encompass slavery, forced labour, child labour, and all matters relating to human trafficking.

Business Scope

Apex Removals & Storage Group is a successful removals company operating throughout the UK. We provide a range of removal and storage services for a diverse selection of clients, both commercial and domestic. We also oversee international moves for our customers.

© Apex Removals & Storage Group is a trading name of Apex Removal Group Ltd. Registered in England and Wales, with company number 11653241.

Statutory Compliance

At Apex Removals & Storage Group, we are firmly committed in our goal to ensure no aspect of modern slavery, or capacity for it to be encouraged, are present in our business. This applies to all aspects of our business, both the way we conduct our business and the interaction we have with clients and customers. 

Apex Removals & Storage Group will knowingly do business with no third party who contravenes any aspect of the Modern Slavery Act. We will endeavour to report any instances or suspicions of modern slavery encountered to the relevant authorities, as a part of our zero-tolerance approach to underage, coerced or forced labour.

Our Policy

Apex Removals & Storage Group vow to ensure ethics and good practice throughout all elements of our business through the implementation of our Code of Conduct. This, combined with the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act, will help ensure best practices are observed through all elements of our operation.

Apex Removals & Storage Group will also endeavour to ensure our partners and third parties are familiar with our Code of Conduct, the Modern Slavery Act, and our ethical expectations. 

Raising Awareness

Apex Removals & Storage Group will endeavour to ensure all staff members are familiar with Modern Slavery – this includes the damage it can cause, and how to spot signs of forced labour. They will be encouraged to apply the principles they learn across all elements of our business, supply chains, and partnerships. 

A Whistleblowing Policy is in full effect, to ensure that any concerns or suspicions held by employees can be reported in confidence. Any concerns, suspicions, or information will be thoroughly investigated and reported through the proper channels. 

Apex Removals & Storage Group is morally and ethically in opposition to Modern Slavery, and we are actively ensuring it has no part in our business, suppliers, or partners.