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Man And Van

Sometimes, a move doesn’t necessitate the convoy of trucks honking brusquely into the night that you might expect. Small moves are swift moves, and they are often by far the best option for renters, students or others who might be moving into a furnished property, or just haven’t yet accumulated the enormous amounts of furniture that society expects of them.

Likewise, perhaps you have sold a larger item over the internet – a table or piano, for example – that needs to be transported to its new home, without the exorbitant costs.

For all these problems, a man with a van is the perfect option.

Our man and van hire (and we mean ‘man’ in terms of human, not specifically male – it’s a longstanding rhyme) is the perfect way to move on a budget, or deliver a one-off, heavy item to a location.

Budget Removals Hire man with a van Now!

Our man and van services allow you to benefit from low hourly or set prices with no expense to the speed, convenience and professionalism of the work. However many runs you need to do, however far you’re travelling, our man in van service will help you to make whatever transition you are making a smooth one, and all with a can-do attitude, a friendly demeanour and a “seen it all before” smile. If you need items picking up to place in storage, we can collect them for you, and if you need packing materials, then we can provide that too. It’s all part of the super-reliable, consummately helpful service that our man in a van hire encompasses.

Each of our crew are highly trained and skilled in their removal work and driving – there will be no smashed Ming vases and no pianos rolling onto the motorway, just fast, professional removals at a bargain price. Whether you need us for one hour or a weekend, it’s no problem – we are flexible and can help you plan your move, tailoring our service to your specifics.

Excellent Service Great Price

With Network in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London, we can cover most of the UK, and are happy to do so. Apex Group Removals and Storage are safe hands for removals, and aware of the flexibility that such work requires. So whether you’re chucking a few boxes in the back, or we’re carefully helping you package that priceless antique harp, get in touch with Apex today, and let us get the ball rolling.