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Removals Bromley

We’ve undertaken numerous house removals Bromley area and nearby. We were surprised by the size of Bromley at first but now know the place well, a skill that comes in handy on moving-in day. 

We work hard to make sure that our clients have everything that they need for their upcoming move. This, of course, includes a list of our add-on services. These have been put together in order to help make your moving days in or around Bromley so much easier. Just need a removal without the extras? That’s fine too. Have a read through and see what we can offer which will make the moving home or office Removals in London so much easier.

Take My Packing Away

Apex Removals Bromley to the rescue with our packing service. We will use our reusable and recyclable packing materials and our years of experience to securely pack up all items to be shipped to storage and those to go to your new location.

Moving Day: The Jobs Are Never Finished

We know how exhausting the actual move is which is why we offer you an unpacking service. We’ll unpack what we packed and take the packaging away too. 

We’ll Store Your Commercial or Residential Items

From sentimental pieces to a bulk load of office furniture, we have space to store all of your must-keep items. Long term and short term storage units and packages are available. Speak to your booking-in agent when arranging your removal who will check storage availability and discuss options with you.

What Makes Bromley Such A Residential and Commercial Hotspot

The largest borough in Greater London, Bromley is made up of green areas, retails areas,  commercial enterprises and homes. Residential property is much sought after. The huge amount of green land is very popular with families and commuters looking for a breathe of fresh air and some calm. The area is also home to Bromley FC, a popular football team with many local fans. 

Call Now To Book Your Commercial or Residential Bromley Removal

If you have any questions about the services we offer or want to talk about your needs and how they can be met, call our customer service team. Our Apex Removals Bromley team are keen to help you achieve a stress-free move.