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Apex Removals Cambridge

Memories of the River Cambridge and the exhaustion from all the packing can be too much to bear as you shift from Cambridge to anywhere else in the UK. Apex Removals and Storage Cambridge can take the burden of moving your goods from your shoulders.

Our team of experienced professional movers have helped 10,000 others like you shift. We are involved in making moving easy every step of the way starting with decluttering your goods to laying your belongings out at the new location. Be it shifting your home or office within Cambridge or from Cambridge to another city in the UK, our removals company can handle it all.

How can we make moving and storage a breeze for you?

We have been in the business of moving homes and offices for years now. Throughout the years, however, our focus has not shifted from customer satisfaction. We are proud of the smiles we bring and the moving stress that our service relieves.

Let’s walk you through ways we can assist you:

      We take care of the whole kit and caboodle of relocation within or outside Cambridge

Not only do we transport your belongings but we carefully pack them to make sure not even a little scratch ruins your items. Plus, we help you declutter your stuff so you can identify between things to take with you, discard or recycle.

      We go the extra mile by offering storage services

Apex Removals Cambridge is not only a moving company but also a storage service. Our storage lockers are CCTV-monitored and climate-controlled, which guarantees the safety and security of your belongings.

What’s more, you don’t need to drive all the way to the facility. We take the responsibility of moving your stuff from your house or office in Cambridge to our lockers and from there to your new location.

      We promise cooperation and professionalism

Our movers are not only professional but also friendly. Our main concern is moving your goods as safely and securely as possible. Apex Removals’ movers stand with you throughout your move starting from helping you sort through your belongings to laying out your items in your new place.

And we don’t leave until we get your nod of approval after having checked off all items are safely transported. We also take the packaging material back with us so you don’t have to worry about clearing it out.

Looking for a moving and storage company in Cambridge? Call today at 0330 8080 570.

Everyone worked extremely hard to minimise the stress of the day. We are really impressed by their work ethic and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Michaela Wallis