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Apex Removals Coventry

Dreadful. Back-breaking. A pain in the neck. These are some words commonly used to describe the moving process. However, Apex Removals Coventry aims to change this perception about relocating by simplifying the process for you.

Here’s the deal – we handle all the heavy lifting while you make some brilliant last memories. Leave decluttering, packing, transporting, and even storing to us.

How to get started with our removals company?

Getting started is as simple as calling 0330 8080 570. Explain your moving requirements and our team will get back to you with a quote. And here is the thing about our quote:

You can also email us at if you prefer.

If you choose to work with us, we will take care of the complete moving process. First off, we will help you separate items into categories of to-take, recycle, and discard. Once done, our team will get to packaging your belongings.

Our professional movers in Coventry are skilled to pack goods carefully to minimize the risks of damage while transporting. From there on, you can choose between two options:

1. Store goods in our climate-controlled, 24/7 accessible storage facilities

2. Allow us to transport your belongings in our modern fleet of specialized vehicles

If your move is planned later or delayed and you are looking to store all your luggage in a secure place, you can opt for option 1. Not only do we take the responsibility of securely keeping your belongings in our CCTV-monitored storage facility but we also collect all your stuff and take it to the lockers. This way you wouldn’t need to go back and forth between the facility and your place.

If you have planned an instant move, it is best to opt for option 2. We load and unload your belongings, handling all items whether durable or fragile with care. Our entire moving fleet is tracked round the clock. Top that off with in-built alarms and you have a secure moving company in Coventry.

Once we drop your stuff off to your new location, we only leave after you are sure everything is in order.Ready to move with us? Call 0330 8080 570 today.