Hitchin Removals Company

Hitchin Removals Company

Moving to or from Hitchin? Apex Removals and Storage offer removal services in and around the Hitchin and Hertfordshire areas, as well as across other UK counties including Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and London. We offer a professional service, planning every stage of your move with you to ensure that the big day goes smoothly. With many years of satisfied customers and professional service experience under our belts, we offer a first-class storage and removals service, taking pride in every job we do. 

We cover the area of Hitchin and other parts of Hertfordshire, so if you are moving to or from Hitchin, get in touch with your local removals company in Watford – our friendly team are waiting to receive your call. Alternatively, you can email us or enter your details into our simple quote tool to receive your Hitchin removal service estimate.

Moving to Hitchin

Located just 30 miles from London in North Hertfordshire, Hitchin is a highly attractive town for commuters and families. This market town has a strong community feel, with a range of drama, music and dance groups available that are open to local residents. The area also offers a mother and baby club, and many different sporting groups such as a football club, rugby club, cycling club, tennis and badminton clubs. There are also plenty of green spaces nearby for sporting enthusiasts and families to enjoy, such as Chiltern Hills. Events such as the Hitchin Fashion show and the Hitchin Food & Drink Festival take place every year.  

Hitchin has a number of primary schools that are rated outstanding, making it a popular location for families. As it is a commuter town, property prices are higher for homes located within walking distance of Hitchin station. 

Renowned Hitchin Removal Services

For quality furniture removal services in Hitchin, look for Apex Removals and Storage. With a wealth of experience in our industry, many positive Trustpilot reviews and plenty of satisfied customers, we guarantee a comprehensive service that will get you moving quickly yet efficiently. We understand that moving furniture and valuables can be a tricky process. With our professional team, you can relax in the knowledge that your items are being transported carefully and with consideration. We can move any item of furniture, regardless of size, and ensure a safe transition into your new home or business property. We also offer storage solutions, and will discuss every aspect of your move with you before the big day.  

For more information and to receive your free no-obligation quote, give us a call, email us or get your quick quote through our estimation tool.