Moving to Croatia

Removals To Croatia

We understand that moving to Croatoa your home or office indeed both may be stressful which is why our number one priority is to get the job done quickly, easily and without any hassle. From packing, unpacking, storage and bespoke removals to Croatoa, we offer what you need.

Our highly experienced removal teams are well versed in removals to Croatoa, which means you may expect a seamless door-to-door move, without exceptions.

Storage Solutions

When moving abroad you are left with often difficult decisions regarding what to do with the belonging you don’t necessarily want to transport to Croatia yet aren’t ready to sell or discard.

Our safe, secure and highly regarded storage facility offers you access to storage as part of your package. We have units that vary in size, all the way up to three hundred square feet. If storage was something on your list to organize, you may tick that off now.

Getting Ready to Move

There are many things to organize when it comes to moving your business or home to Croatoa, or indeed anywhere. One of the most time-consuming, back-breaking and often annoying tasks is packing.

Whether your office, complete with stock, computers, papers and more, or your home with practically everything in it needs packing up we are on hand to do just that.

Our dedicated and fully insured Apex Removals team are experienced in packing up all manner of items safely and securely for easy transportation. We supply high quality, environmentally friendly packaging materials, ensuring that your items are properly packaged without a cost to the environment.

We even unpack at the other end if that’s a service that would benefit you and enable you to settle in quicker.

Making the Right Move

Croatia is a wonderful country and we have undertaken numerous commercial and residential relocations there. Whether your move takes you to Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb or any of the other 128 towns and cities Croatia boasts, our removal teams are on hand to help you make your move a simple one.

Speak to one of our international removals team members who will be happy to put together a comprehensive yet competitive no-obligation quote for you based on which services you require.

We don’t believe in paying for something we don’t need and neither should you.

We hope to be a book you and your Croatia relocation in soon!