Moving to Ireland

Removals to Ireland

Our Apex Removals team have undertaken countless Europe-wide commercial and residential relocations including many in and around Ireland. A beautiful country with a wonderful mix of bustling cities such as Dublin and Belfast, as well as smaller towns and places of interest, it is safe to say that it is understandable why anyone would choose to relocate to Ireland.

Regardless of why Ireland is your place of choice, we are on hand to make your move as quick, easy, and stress-free as possible.

Storage Solutions for Everyone

When relocating your business or moving to a new country to live you may find yourself in a position of needing to source high-quality storage. Not everyone is in a position to move a whole business worth of machinery, furniture and more if their new location is already set up. Similarly, you may wish to take the bulk of your home items yet really don’t need family furniture and assorted items that despite not coming with you can’t be discarded. In cases like this, the sensible thing to do is to put items in storage which is where our Apex Removals storage solutions coming to play. With units ranging from 10 foot squared to 300 foot squared in size, you are able to choose an appropriately sized secure lock up the unit to suit your needs.

Additional Removal Services

As well as getting you and your belongings from A to B we offer a range of additional removal services, all of which are fully insured and aimed at making your moving day easier and less stressful. We have a range of vehicles to suit your needs which means if you are moving a small number of belongings over to Ireland, you need only book a smaller vehicle. If however, you are moving a bulk of items we have a number of larger vehicles that will suit your needs.

We also offer a dedicated packing and unpacking service which have proven to be extremely popular. As dedicated, experienced and well-trained removers we use our own reusable and recyclable packing materials offering an environmentally friendly safe and secure parking solution. This service saves you a lot of time and ensures that all of your items, regardless of size are packaged appropriately. Let us know if you wish to add our unpacking service to your package. We may also help you settling quicker by unpacking all of your belongings once you have reached your destination.

Top Choice and Top Service

Apex Removals have been running for many years and over that time has gained a reputation for providing excellent service. Our removal teams go all out to ensure that your moving day goes as smoothly as possible. We offer a number of services as described, however, we don’t expect you to pay for anything that you don’t need which is why when talking to our customer service agents you may pick and choose the services that suit your individual needs.

Having spoken to our customer service agents you will receive a no obligation quotation detailing what services you require, the details of your move to or from Ireland and a final quotation. We don’t believe in adding extra costs on down the line. What you are quoted will be what you pay.

We look forward to helping you move your home and/or business to Ireland. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about any of the services that we offer.