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Preparing your home for sale: A Complete Guide ( Top Tips )

Lisa Bennett
March 5, 2022

You’ve decided to take the leap and sell your home. Your realtor has advised you on the best practices for selling your home, which can be a daunting task.

But you’re ready to tackle this challenge head-on, so where do you begin? If you are thinking of moving and want to put your home on the market, these tips can help you.

Is your home ready for the market?

To find out what’s going on, do some research on the market in your area. As soon as you know what the conditions are, you’ll be able to make intelligent decisions about how to prepare your house.

Get a Realtor

When selling your home, a realtor will help you figure out how much to price it, how to get it ready for showings, how to negotiate with buyers, and more.

They can see the Multiple Listing Service, a database that lists all the homes for sale. Realtors can also tell you how many homes in your area are sold and how long they stay on the market.


Many people thinking about selling their homes have heard that clutter scares away buyers. But it isn’t always easy to decide what should stay and what should go. Is there a lot of clutter? Is there anything I should keep? How will I get rid of it? Is it a good idea to hire an organiser?

Getting rid of things will help you see your home for what it is, not what it isn’t. It’s also a great way to start when you’re getting your home ready to sell. Here’s how to clean it up before you sell your house:

  • Toss out the trash, starting with the kitchen.
  • Clean the bedroom, including closets and cabinets.
  • Declutter every room in your home.
  • Get rid of bulky furniture.

Deep Clean

After you get rid of everything, it’s time to deep clean every inch of the house. Everything should be cleaned thoroughly, from the floor to the light fixtures. You can hire professional cleaners or do it yourself.

Scrub the floors, clean the windows carpets, and dust the bookshelves. It’s best to show off a clean, fresh home to get buyers’ interest.

Fix Things

You may have become accustomed to the hole in the wall or the plumbing under the sink that drips. But would-be buyers will notice these things and wonder what else is wrong with your home, which could make them offer less or not at all.

Similarly, a buyer might not be willing or able to put up with some other quirks in your homes, such as a door that sticks or a window that won’t open all the way. Fix these things before showing your house to potential buyers.

Paint in Neutral Colours

When painting, use colours that are not very bright. A new coat of paint can make the room look better. A fresh coat of paint can help you get more money when you sell. Neutral colours are more appealing than bright colours like red and green. The buyer will be happy with the new look.

When you are getting ready to paint your home, you should determine whether or not your garage door needs painting. Because garage doors are often neglected, they often appear grungy. Fresh paint helps make your whole house look newer and boosts its value. For the garage door, choose a colour that matches the rest of your home for the garage door.

Your lights are an easy way to get people to notice your home. You can put in some energy-efficient outdoor lighting fixtures. Even more, so is the case if you want to brighten up their dark entrance or outside. A small investment in outdoor lighting can make a big difference in the perceived value of your home at little cost.


You want your buyer to imagine living in your home — not seeing it as yours — so get rid of anything that reveals your identity. Posters are removed along with family photos on desks or shelves.

Make every room look like something out of a magazine: sleek, chic and generic.

Increasing the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first thing buyers see when they come to your house. To make sure your front lawn is clean and beautiful when selling your home, hire a lawn care service. But if you’d instead save money and do it yourself, you should remember to mow and trim the lawn. You should also fertilise and plant flowers if needed, and remember that it’s better to have a small lawn than no lawn at all.

It would be best if you also took care of the trees and bushes on your land. Trim any branches that have grown too long and remove any dead trees or shrubs. You can also hang baskets of flowers or potted plants near the front door, or you can put them in a vase.

A new coat of paint on the front door makes your house look better. Add new hardware to the door and choose a new doorbell with a bright finish. Seeing your home from the outside may seem like a small thing, but when buyers visit, they’ll notice all the little things that make it unique.

With a few changes and cleaning, your home will be in the best shape possible when you put it on the market. Putting in extra work on your renovations before you put your home on the market will help buyers imagine that they can make it their own and will stand out from the rest.

Making sure to fix up any visible problems will not only help sell your house faster, but you will also save yourself a lot of markup costs. It will make it more likely that you’ll sign a contract of sale!

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