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How much does a removal company cost?

Lisa Bennett
April 4, 2019

Make no mistake, moving home can be a stressful and expensive business. So before you move you need to take into account the full cost of your move and budget accordingly.

When you’re looking into removal companies’ prices, it can be tempting to just plump for the cheapest quote. But it’s best to look at the cost of removal companies in terms of overall value offered.

Bear in mind that it’s generally much safer to let professional movers do your packing. They will have the materials, time, experience and skills to do a safe job, and it’s simply not worth cutting corners.

When looking at removal van costs, bear in mind that your overall cost will include a number of variables, including total distance travelled, volume of belongings loaded and unloaded, packing services and materials if, as recommended, you ask movers to pack, and whether any furniture is dismantled and reassembled as part of your move.

So clearly it will be much cheaper to move from a one-bed flat than a five-bedroom family home and the total cost will vary according to how much work is involved.

In terms of distance, some companies charge by the mile traveled, others by the hour. Another factor to consider is ease of access – is the property you’re moving in or out of easily accessible? For example, if you live in a top-floor flat with no lift, or if parking or maneuvering outside the property is tricky. You may have to pay a slightly higher hourly fee or be charged a fixed fee for this.

Finally, if you have anything that needs handling with extra care or anything that needs specialist materials to be moved, that will add to your bill. The cost of hiring a specialist kit, the value of the items, and the time took will all be taken into account.

The good news is that the best removals firms provide value and a quality service, doing a great deal to reduce the stress of upping sticks and moving house. Get a thorough quote and understand all the costs involved before you commit to anything.