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Office Moving Checklist

Posted On: Friday, July 13th, 2018 at 4:43 pm, category: Business Relocation,Office Removals,Removals Company

Running a day-to-day operation is challenging enough without having to deal with the significant distraction of a business relocation looming on the horizon. Moving to a different property can mean a number of things for your company – from consolidation to growth or perhaps it just means you got a really good rental deal.

Whatever the reason for the move, it is going to be a challenging time for all concerned. As the old saying goes, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. This mantra can be applied to office relocation. By planning the move at the earliest possible opportunity there is a much better chance of everything going to plan.

Make a list and check it twice:

The first and most important thing the person with overall responsibility for the office removals should do is draw up a list of every single item that is being moved. This will make life so much easier for you on moving day, as well as making the job of the removals company more straightforward.

From computers to printers to office furniture to kitchen appliances – log it all down in a form that is easy to read. An excel sheet is usually the way to go in such circumstances. Equally, account for what isn’t making the move with color-coded tags so that you can easily identify what is being sent to the dump, or perhaps the charity shop.

Involve all company personnel in the move:

Continuing the theme of tags, hand out white stickers to every employee so that everything they use on a daily basis – computer, telephone, chair etc – show up together in the new office. All they will have to worry about is simply writing their name on the tag and sticking it to their belongings.

There is no getting away from the fact that moving office is a stressful and challenging time. However, by following the simple yet effective advice outlined in this article, and enlisting the services of a top-quality removals company, you will be well on your way to minimizing the number of potential roadblocks along the way.