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How to reduce stress and hassle when moving house ?

Lisa Bennett
April 4, 2019

Moving house can be an extremely stressful time for everybody involved. In the case of families, it’s not just the parents who are affected by an upcoming move. Granted, as a parent you will probably feel weighed down by a seemingly unending to-do list, but your children are likely to also be feeling out of sorts if they are moving away from their circle of friends.

In short, it’s a challenging time for all, so wherever possible, the stresses of moving should be relieved. Hiring a house removals company, for instance, is a very good way of removing a mountain of hassle from your shoulders.

This isn’t a job for your mates

When it comes to moving day, you might think that rounding up your friends to fill a few truckloads of belongings is the way to go. However, this can be fraught with unforeseen issues: the last thing anyone wants on moving day is damage or delay that will set back your progress.

Friends mean well, but the truth is that they could turn up late or, worse still, not turn up at all. Even if they do show up on time, there is the strong possibility that none of them have experience in moving vast amount of items. This will just slow you down on a day when time is of the essence. Worse still, the risk of damage to your belongings is heightened when the job is delegated to well-meaning amateurs.

Call in the professionals

Save yourself endless hassle and heartache by picking up the phone and hiring a moving company. There is a very definite skill involved in shifting high volumes of items – be it heavy furniture or a not-so-heavy CD rack – and it takes experience to know exactly where to place them in a house removals truck.

The money that you spend hiring a house removals company will pay for much more than the safe transfer of your belongings to your new home. It will give you something you cannot put a price on: peace of mind.

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